All Aboard The #MomStruggle Bus…

I boarded this bus a little over a year and a half ago, and let me tell ya, it is SOO not what I expected. I mean, let’s be honest. According to Instagram, #momlife is the most glamorous job a woman can take on! Your hair is always going to be perfect (because, duh, your husband totally lets you shower and get ready EVERY morning), your makeup is airbrushed perfection every single day, not to mention that baby weight was supposed to come off in like 4 weeks (my husband will also watch the baby every day so that I can go to the gym to workout). Pssssht, not to mention my kid was gonna pop out smiling and will be laughing 100% of the time; oh, and of course he is naturally going to sleep through the night within the first week. I mean that’s what I thought I was signing up for (feel free to laugh at my ignorance, we can laugh together)…I was going to be the most perfect mom and this was going to be EASY.

Whelp, it wasn’t long into my mom journey before I realized that social media moms are full of sh** and I was pinned with making one of two choices: 1) either be a grumpy and spiteful mom and blame everyone else for these newfound struggles in my life, or 2) it was time for me to embrace the real #MomLife and begin laughing at the disaster and greasy hair I had grown accustomed to. Guess which one I chose?

Motherhood for me began with this chant: “LIES, LIES, LIES.” This was most typically repeated each night I tried to find my own nipples in the dark so that I could squish them into the tiny boob-seeking mouth nearby. The chant that I repeated every time I changed the tiny tot’s diaper only for him to poop in it 4 minutes later; and finally, the chant I repeated to myself every time my husband “didn’t hear the baby crying last night.” Insert head-banging emoji here. But, even though I was quick to realize that this #MomLife was actually the #MomStruggle (hence, the need for this blog), I knew the only way to survive the constant spit-ups and tantrums was taking the high road and seeing the humor in it all. I loved (and still love) laughing at all of the misfortunes that began shortly after I almost pushed this child out of me but then suddenly had him cut out instead (sorry if that’s a bit grotesque, but I’m not one to hold back).

As if you couldn’t already tell, this isn’t your typical mom-blog that is going to be full of advice on how to create a picture-perfect family life. Which (BTW if you missed my earlier sarcasm) is exactly what all the social media hype is, a picture, NOT THE TRUTH (consider yourself warned if you are not yet apart of this #momlife). But, do you want to know the best thing that came out of this whole experience? My ability to laugh at myself, and embrace all the sh**, LITERALLY. I can’t help but laugh every time I look down at my poop nails (again, for the non-moms, its literally caked baby poop under your nails that you somehow failed to notice or smell until you’re in the kitchen eating an apple), or when I realize its been a week since I showered and what an MVP dry shampoo has become in my life. This blog will definitely be my no-holding-back truth to what the #MomStruggle is, and how to embrace it. Just know that you aren’t the only one struggling to keep your toddler from giving himself a second black eye this week. I’ll probably be posting ridiculous stories, and maybe some dry-shampoo styling tips (aka pony tails), and some super easy recipes; since, I also can’t cook on top of it all (my husband is a lucky man).

Welcome to this crazy little blog about the #MomStruggle, it’s time to embrace the struggle together 🙂